The Right Way To Keep Lash Extension Adhesives Fresh

Adhesive is one of the most important products for lash extensions. Keeping it in its best quality can make or break your extensions.

The good news is that many adhesives on the market today are capable of delivering high performance. This means, these products are capable of providing optimum quality of lash extensions for 3 to 5 weeks before they need a refill session.

When your clients come back to your salon sooner than two weeks to refill, you have to check the condition of your environment. Your environment should be conducive to keep the adhesive in good condition for proper curing.

Adhesives for lash extensions are very sensitive. The condition that they are exposed to before, during and after the process of extensions has a substantial effect on their shelf-life.

How do adhesives work?

The main component of adhesives is cyanoacrylate that polymerizes (cures) with humidity. The moment the adhesive gets exposed to humidity, a thin film begins to develop that slows down the curing process.

A thin application of adhesive is the right way to cure fast and form a strong bond. The adhesive should be allowed to cure for 12 to 24 hours completely to ensure that it becomes waterproof and be ready to be exposed to certain elements, such as water and heat.

Elements that affect the curing of adhesives:


The curing of adhesives depends on two elements, humidity and temperature. High temperature delays the curing process, thus the adhesive finds it difficult to solidify. 

The adhesive does not set although it thickens immediately. When the adhesive does not set right away, there is a high possibility that it is no longer fresh. 


The right way to determine humidity and temperature is through a hydrometer. Once the adhesive gets exposed to water in the air (humidity), it starts to cure. This means not working on the right amount of humidity can alter the curing of adhesive. During lash extension application, keeping the right temperature and humidity is essential in achieving good quality extensions. 

Extensions that dry too quickly become brittle and detached from the natural lashes sooner than they should. It is advisable to maintain the correct temperature and humidity that are right for the adhesive.

When the extensions cures very slowly, the adhesive become soft and unstable. When there is too much water in the air, it weakens the quality of the adhesive. A dehumidifier is very effective in the curing process.

How to keep the adhesives properly?

Proper storage of the adhesive is very important in its shelf-life and quality. Adhesives must not be stored in the refrigerator. If in case it has been kept in the fridge, it should be brought to room temperature a few hours before the application.

The best way to keep them fresh is by storing them in a cool, dark place. You may also store them in a jar filled with rice to keep them free from moisture. 

Storing adhesives in the fridge is only advisable when it is unopened. Do not store it in the fridge after opening to prevent condensation.

Tips to maintain high quality adhesives:

  1. Adhesives should not be exposed to sunshine, high/ low temperature or water. The right temperature to store them is between 10º to 23º (Degree Celsius).
  2. After opening,  do not close the lid of the adhesive if it is still running. Tilt the adhesive on a 45 degree angle to ensure that it sits at the bottom. Clean the nozzle to ensure that it is clean before closing the lid. 
  3. The adhesive should be stored in its safe package with the zipper closed. The desiccant (silica gel) should be inside the package to ensure it remains moisture-free.

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