These Are The Reasons Why You Are Not Getting The Right Volume Of Lash Extensions

Some clients will do anything to have Katy Perry’s striking, full eyelashes, but are disappointed with the result. Volume lashing is an eyelash extension technique where the stylist aims to provide the fullest lash extensions that their clients want to achieve.

Are you wondering why you are not getting your desired volume of your eyelash extensions? Check out the most common mistakes that your stylist may be doing:

Incorrect isolation

One secret of having voluminous eyelash extensions is correct isolation. Oftentimes, new lash stylists make the error of not properly isolating the natural lash from each other. 

Although it may look trivial, proper isolation is a key to achieve a good volume. When the natural lash is not isolated properly, the ability to attain fullness is reduced to 50 percent.

To make it clearer, just think that your client has 150 natural eyelashes, but when you applied the extensions to two natural lashes, the extensions are only applied to 75 rather than 150. Aside from reducing the potential to achieve the right volume, you are also causing damage to the lashes. 

When the slow-growing lash is attached to a fast-growing lash with the use of lash adhesive, the slow-growing lash will be pulled by the other. The last thing you do not want to happen is causing your client a lash-line trauma, which breaks the basic rule of lash extensions. Never damage your client’s lashes!

Coating too much

A little of lash adhesive is enough to attach lash extensions to natural lashes. Never put so much adhesive to the entire extension as this may cause stress to the lashes. 

You can dip 2 millimeters (mm) of the extension base into the adhesive, then attach to the natural lash base. It is enough to secure them properly. 

Doing this prevents the entire natural lash to get covered with adhesive which can cause stress to it. It results in a fuller volume as natural lashes add to the volume of the extensions. 

Not coating the entire natural lashes with adhesive is healthier for the lashes. Over time, the extensions look more natural, softer and thicker.

Too Long lash extensions

Pulling natural lashes too much results in spacing out the tips of the lash extensions. Maintain the length of the lash extensions to 2 to 3 mm more than the natural lashes. Make sure that the lash tips are close to each other. 

Attaching longer extensions than it should be may look awful. It is thinner at the tips, which looks like spider legs are placed on your eyes. You may add several focus points in order to texturize the lash line and produce length longer than 2 to 3 mm.

Not extending each lash

An ideal lash line has natural lashes that have different stages of growth. This means, there are slow or new lashes growing in, mid-growth and full lashes. 

Earlier, there is no reason to include smaller lashes in the extensions. However, today, smaller natural lashes can still be extended, even they are 0.05 mm in diameter.

As a rule, mature lashes get extended with more thickness and length, while shorter ones get thinner, shorter extensions. This is the right way to extend natural lashes to keep them healthy, resulting in textured, fluffy lashes with full volume. 

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