Full-Set EyeLash Extensions

Full-Set Eyelash Extensions

At Sexy Lashes we specialize in the art of applying eyelash extensions.  We believe lashes can enhance your natural beauty and create a sexy and glamorous, natural and sultry look.

We extend your lashes by carefully attaching individual lashes to your existing lashes. Every one of our lash artists are highly skilled and have years of experience in the art of lash extensions.

Our work is our passion and we’re proud of the results we’ve achieved for our happy clients.

How Our Lash Artists Work

Our licensed lash artists are highly trained technicians in the art of applying individual lash extensions. They meticulously attach each individual lash extensions to give you the full and luxurious and seductive look.

We normally don’t like give a count of lashes as everyone client’s requests are different. But rest assured we do our absolute best to give you the most full lash look, if that’s what you’re after – that’s our specialty 😉

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