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Nothing can grant a woman such charm as  long curved eyelashes

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Makeup can have a magical effect when performed by real masters


Beauty sometimes requires pain, but depilation with us can be pain-free


Relaxation and enjoyment make you a different and happier person

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Our highly skilled lash technicians apply a full and complete set of luxury eyelash extensions. We don’t count lashes and will add as many (all eyelashes extended) or as few as you would like to create the right look for your face and style.


Wrap your false lashes around the handle of a makeup brush to give the strips some curve. That way, they’ll form to the shape of your eye.

Those with lighter brows will love the impact darkening eyebrows can have. A tint should be one shade darker than your natural hair colour.

This new shape will make the brush easier to control and get to the harder-to-reach areas, like the tiny hairs toward the inner corner of your eye, when applying multiple coats.


You wouldn’t wear the same make-up to a summer picnic supper as you would to a formal prize-giving ceremony or a smoochy disco. Think through what’s appropriate.


While evening make-up does demand different techniques from daytime, looking glamorous doesn’t involve putting on heavy colours with a trowel.


Despite the extra time, don’t be tempted to dawdle or to experiment either with make-up or with clothes – it invariably leads to being late.


Hair removal, also known as epilation or depilation, is the deliberate removal of body hair. Hair typically grows all over the human body.

Electricity is delivered to the follicle through the probe, which causes localized damage to the areas that generate hairs, either through the formation of caustic lye.


Sugaring, sugar waxing or Persian waxing is a method of hair removal that has been in use since 1900 BC. As a result, it is speculated that honey was the first sugaring agent.


Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for four to six weeks.

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Best Eyelash Extensions in New Jersey FAQs:

Are you searching for the best eyelash extensions in New Jersey? When it comes to eyelashes, the trend is getting hotter. 

After heated curlers, lash serum, lash lift, and colored lashes, lash extensions are here to stay.  The individual false eyelash industry is projected to have continuous growth of 6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2019 to 2025, according to Grand View Research.     

Gone are the days when extensions were only worn on a special occasion. Today, eyelash extensions are an everyday must-have accessory for women of all ages. 

What are eyelash or lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers applied to a natural eyelash to make them look longer and fuller. Each extension is carefully attached to a natural eyelash using a semi-permanent glue. Lash extensions are customizable and vary in colors, curl patterns, and length to enhance your eye shape.

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The lash tech will then pick up a single eyelash extension using a precision tweezer. The extension is then applied directly to your natural eyelash.

Most professionals use a specially-formulated semi-permanent adhesive when applying the lashes. The extension should be placed one millimeter above the lash roots. 

For volume lash extensions, the whole process is almost the same. But with this application, several synthetic lashes are blued to each natural lash.

Here, 80 to 140 eyelash extensions are applied per eye. For the most natural look, lash extensions are glued to the natural lash and not to the skin. 

You can rest for another 10 minutes after the application to let the adhesive dry a little longer. Some lash salons place a small fan near the client to help dry the extensions. While others prefer to have the adhesives dry naturally. 

After the application, you will be asked to remove the protective pads and under eye gels after the lash extensions have set. To ensure the best look, brush the eyelash extensions using a spoolie. And done!

Key benefits of eyelash extensions:

All women want to look beautiful the moment they wake up in the morning. And with a busy schedule, they don’t have any time to spare. Most want to look their best in the shortest amount of time. 

One way to achieve this is through eyelash extensions. 

Here are some key benefits of lash extensions:

Enhances your looks.

Having eyelash extensions means that you wake up gorgeous without any effort.

You no longer have to do anything to make your natural eyelashes thicker and longer. 

It enhances your eyes and your total look. It works for every woman.


Semi permanent eyelash extensions are not painful.

In fact, the process is very relaxing and can help provide some much needed pampering.

This is the reason why a lot of women love enhancing their natural eyelashes with lashes.

Easy to Maintain and Waterproof.

Since lash extensions are semi-permanent, you are able to ensure your favorite activities. However, the only time you can’t get them wet is during the first 24 hours as they cure. After that, you can swim, shower, or sweat anytime you want. 


Eyelash extensions are very safe when done by a professional and trained lash technician. There has been a small percentage of women who have experienced irritation, discomfort, and permanent lash loss if done incorrectly. For example, using the wrong adhesive can also cause eye infections.


There are many options and choices on the market. You can have longer, tinted, or volume lash extensions whatever you want. It’s because eyelash extensions are customizable. You can choose whatever style of extension you want. Talk with professional lash artists before your appointment.

Why Choose SexyLashes.com:

Our lash studio provides the highest level of service in a relaxing, professional salon that delivers a one on one consultation with each of our clients. We believe that your beauty is unique and we are committed to enhancing your beauty at any age. 

Here are your benefits from SexyLashes.com:

  • No immediate payment
  • Personal, professional and relaxing salon – esthetician licensed
  • Highest quality lashes with a clean, hygienic and safe 
  • Easy maintenance packages

Remember, extensions not only enhance your inner beauty but they also make you more confident, more youthful and more attractive in the world.

To learn more about the best eyelash extensions in New Jersey, check out our reviews, client photos and our blog for more details.

best eyelash extensions in New Jersey

If you’re looking for your first eyelash extensions or a refill appointment, contact us today!

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